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- Copart Lot Number 30140871

Boat Lot number 30140871 LAND ROVER, 1988

We found a historical listing for the HIN RNG37959H485 from Copart Boat Salvage Auctions. It was listed under Lot No. 30140871 (LAND ROVER, 1988). This watercraft was listed on MONDAY (20211004) at 1000 EDT on the Copart website. Probably by a dealer or insurance company. It is important to know this because the damage was reported as MECHANICAL. Sometimes there is a vessel having secondary damage .

Some other information we found on this boat's HIN (RNG37959H485) includes the following:

The boat was listed as being a 1988 LAND ROVER with the model name reported as 392V. The location of the listing was in Yard Number 115 in the KY - LEXINGTON EAST yard. In fact, the state of the title is KY and the city of LEXINGTON, KY USA. This give an idea of the last location of this boat. The color of this vessel is reported as TWO TONE. Some times the odometer is listed for such boats. In this case 0.0. When buying damaged vessels, doing a lookup of the boat vin check is important. See for a boat history check. This particular boat has an estimated retail value of 8500.0 but the repair cost is 0.0. Does it have keys included? EXM. When it comes to the power and propulsion of this boat, the transmission is AUTOMATIC and fuel type is .
To find out more about this boat and its recalls, you can decode the HIN at This will validate your HIN and break it down into its components.

What we know so far:

  • Lot No: 30140871
  • Make: LAND ROVER
  • Color: TWO TONE
  • Date listed: 20211004
  • Location: LEXINGTON
  • HIN: RNG37959H485
Technical Specifications:
Field Boat Info
Lot No30140871
Retail Value8500.0

What was the title like for 30140871? BS.

What was Lot#30140871 condition? Enhanced Program. Boats listed as Enhanced Vehicles are those where the seller has authorized Copart to perform an enhancement service. This includes washing and vacuum. It also mean the vehicle is under a program that gives Copart discretion to utilize enhancement services to maximize the value of the vehicle..

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