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Frequently Asked

Q) What is included in the report?

We obtain the NMVTIS report from the federal nmvtis system and provide it as is. Read More here. In short: 1. Current State of Title and Last Title Date 2. Brand History, 3. Odometer Reading, 4. Total Loss History, 5. Salvage History.

Q) Where is my report?

After payment you will receive an order number instantly. Use this to login and run your report on our website. If you already ran your report but forgot to save it, please check the archive page here (https://vincheck.report/archive/) as the report remains there online for 60 days; or email support for help.

Not included in the report from the federal database:
  • Maintenance and service records
  • Owner names - States ban this due to privacy laws
  • Liens

We obtain the NMVTIS report from the federal nmvtis system and provide it as is and provided a bonus report but we cannot guarantee how much information will be found for your vehicle. We have a 60 day money back guarantee so if you are not satisfied with the search that we did reach out to customer service for an instant refund.

Q) What are the prices for vehicle history reports?

$19.99 USD for one NMVTIS report and $9.99 for Basic report. Credits do not expire so you can use them any time as long as you have your order number. To make an order, you have to enter your VIN number into the home page and if it qualifies, you will see the prices.

Congrats! A clean report is a good thing. It means that no negative events were found in nmvtis. Your report from us is the first step in selling your vehicle. If your report came back clean, that is good news! We suggest that you next do a detailed inspection by a mechanic to ensure you uncover any unreported problems and and to better evaluate the exact current condition of the vehicle as not everything can be seen by computers! We also suggest ordering reports from all the vincheck companies if your budget allows as no one company can honestly claim to have all the information. The combination of all reports and an inspection is the safest way to cover your bases. All history report companies are limited to information that was reported to our sources. It is impossible to know every event in a vehicle's life but we do our best to gather as much information as possible without using black magic.

If the system is indicating that you have an invalid VIN, then it is important to check it again. Either there is a typo or the VIN is from Europe. Better reach out to support for help or for a refund if this is the case. All vehicles manufactured for consumption within the United States after 1981 are required to have a seventeen character VIN number.