Our Story

We are a startup created by a group of three guys in Michigan and Canada intent on helping sellers market their used vehicles better! We write blogs, tips, and sell VIN reports for sellers in hopes that they sell their vehicle faster online. It all started in 2009, when we were looking to buy our first used car and had a limited budget for it being students at the college where we met. Since this car was to last us for years to come, we wanted to know more about its past; had it been in an accident before or was it stolen? We looked into getting a report through Carfax.com but it was just too expensive and the prices are still rising to this day. So we started to research public databases to find out more about this car and were able to uncover so much more about it - and all for a fraction of a cost than using Carfax! But it took a lot of time. Learning to code and putting this data expertise to work, we now help others like us on this website that provides affordable and informative car reports from the federal government and DMV's.


Since then, our website has been selling fully comprehensive vehicle history reports in the US. Reports factor in 45 States from different database points, making those reports the best in the industry with the most categories being checked. We keep business costs low to pass on the savings to you for a more affordable price. The top three things that set us apart from the rest are: 1) Price, 2) Number of databases, and 3) A 60-day money back guarantee.


Our #1 priority is helping clients make one of the most important purchase decisions in their lives. The owners and their team stand by their reports 100% so they are happy to offer a 60-day money back guarantee - no questions asked. Though if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to them since they are here to help.
The Support team replies almost instantly and is proud to have served more than 40,000 customers with 96% Satisfaction Rates!